Giuseppe Sarno was born on 24 January 1981 in Avellino, where he lives and works both as a musician and a teacher.
His father Alfonso inclined him to study piano and he carried on as a self-taught player. When he was only 14 years old, he started off playing Dream Theater songs with the well-known local cover band Lord Phantom.


He joined Lost Innocence, a progressive-metal band from Salerno.


His passion for progressive-rock drove him to study with Maestro Vittorio Nocenzi, keyboard-player of the Italian legendary band Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.


He started a professional partnership with the acting company Clan H from Avellino and with the actor Salvatore Mazza. With the latter he performed several music and poetry recitals. In the same year he participated in the recording of the first album (“Aria”) by the pop singer from Avellino Giuseppe Grieco.


He joined the rock-blues cover band from Avellino It Up.


He joined the cover band Aironi Neri


He established the progressive-rock band Taliesyn. Their repertoire included songs by Emerson Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Brian Auger, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. The Taliesyn performed at concerts together with bands such as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and 24 Grana.


He started to work with the singer Paprika who played cover songs by Laura Pausini.
He attended improvisation lessons held by Maestro Stefano Giuliano at the University of Salerno.
He graduated in Physics in May and soon afterwards committed himself entirely to music, by studying pianoforte with Maestro Enzo Colella and Maestro Lucio Colella. He also gained the diploma in music theory and solfeggio from the Conservatorio “Cimarosa” of Avellino.


He started to cooperate with Aetatis, one of the most popular rock band from Avellino. He went on a summer concert tour with the singer Stefania Cento.


He joined Illune, a progressive-metal band from Benevento. They perform together at several national and international music festival such as MetalCamp09.
In the same year he also joined another well-known band from Avellino, AmonRa. They played together in many clubs and at several music festivals.
He recorded an educational dvd together with the guitar-player Piero Sanacore and the bass-player Felice Puopolo "Symmetrical Independence, Advanced Drums Method" by Umberto Spiniello. The dvd was produced by Zork Planet e published by Batteria Magazine.


He participated in the music project by the singer Marco Smorra.
He also started to cooperate with one of the most famous Italian Deep Purple cover bands, The Stage. On 19 December 2010 and on 1 April 2011 he played with the Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice.
He began teaching piano at the cultural association La Mela di Odessa.


He performed at several stage shows with the Neapolitan actor Massimo Sorrentino, from Tato Russo's acting company.
He started to work as both accompanist and soloist piano player at Hydra Beach resort in Greece and at Kihaad Gioia resort in the Maldives for the well-known Italian tour operator Valtur.


He established the duo Brothers in Prog together with Maestro Daniele Medugno. Their classical guitar and piano repertoire includes Italian and international music classics by artists such as Banco del mutuo soccorso, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and Genesis.
In the same year he joined the well-known singer Marcello Apicella from Avellino.
To this day he is involved in many music and theatre projects.


In 2016 he started working with La Bottega del tempo a vapore, a progressive ensemble from Benevento that features works in which history, writing and music converge in a representative unique event.

At the end of 2016, along with drummer Elio Positano and singer and multi-instrumentalist Brunello Canessa, he creates Sarno Canessa & Positano, SCP, tribute to so much loved Emerson Lake & Palmer, with whom he offers the best of British trio production.


After moving to Milan in September 2017, he started working with the Five Friends, the only European tribute to Gentle Giant.

In addition, he began working with the famous Synthonia keyboard community for whom he commercialized his sound setups, programmed for Korg Kronos, used in live performances